Prior to studying osteopathy he was a professional rugby player. Avin has a particular interest in sports medicine, sport injuries and sports rehabilitation. He has currently been working with top sporting internationals in the field of rugby, football, cricket, golf and motor sports.

His ambition on completing his training as an osteopath was to work within a sporting environment, however whilst training at BCOM he realised that Osteopathic medicine can benefit not only sports professionals, but also the amateurs amongst us, as well as a variety of non-sport minded people.

Within the course at BCOM numerous special clinics were run. Avin participated in these clinics, which consisted of paediatric (children’s) maternity, geriatric (elderly) and sports injuries. In his 5th year he wrote a research paper as well as studying three special study modules in the fields of:

Osteopathic Sports Medicine Advanced Nutrition Cranial Osteopathy

Avin was appointed the Osteopath and Strength & Rehabilitating coach for the Pacific Island Rugby team that toured Europe in November 2008. The team played against England, France and Italy.

He strongly believes that continued professional development is a key factor in maintaining the high standards he aspires to. He recently attended a post-graduate training course with the British Medical Acupuncture Society and is currently working towards an MSc in Western Medical Acupuncture at the Hertfordshire Post Graduate Medical School.

Avin has a very simple and traditional approach whilst treating “Find it, Fix it, Leave it”. Prevention of problems whilst addressing existing complaints is the key to his treatment plan. He may (unless needle phobic!) use acupuncture to complement osteopathy or as a stand alone treatment. In addition to this Avin has had specific training to use Interferential, Laser (photobiomodulation) and Ultrasound for particular conditions that he feels would benefit his patients.

As well as Osteopathy and Acupuncture Avin has also attended post graduate training in Functional anatomy of structures within the foot during the stance phase of the gait cycle, and prescribes orthotics to those patients that require them.

Avin also practices at Proctor and Gamble as their on-site osteopath.

Avin feel it is important to give back some of his acquired knowledge through teaching at The London School of Osteopathy.

Outside his profession he is a keen rugby coach forming his own academy of aspiring children hoping to become professional rugby players. Currently the academy boasts 3 players with representative honours.

Avin now has successful Osteopathy and Acupuncture clinics running in Thurmaston, Leicester and Uppingham

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  • Joanne
    I went for my first session with Avin last week. I was feeling very despondant as have had many treatments for my pain with little results. After one session I was able to move a lot easier and am looking forward to my next one. Any one suffering with sciatica or artheritis would benefit from booking an appointment. Excellent service, and restoration of hopes for a more active participation in my family life.
  • Andy
    My shoulder was in such a state I was convinced it would need surgery but thanks to Avin's treatment it is now stronger than ever! Great service.
  • Russell
    When I first went to Avin at MSK i could barely walk and was in severe pain, six weeks later I am transformed. Back at work and completely free of pain thank you
  • Sue
    I contacted Avin Monday morning as my back had gone into a spasm and was in absolute agony could of cried with the pain, he saw me Monday afternoon at his house and did acupuncture and massage on it, afterwards the relief was wonderful he had relieved the spasm, my back still hurt but no where near as bad, he saw me again the next day (which was his day off) and did the same treatment again, and again felt better afterwards. I would definitely recommend Avin, and will be keeping him on speed dial !!!
  • Iain
    I contacted Avin and he saw me at short notice, helping me get through Christmas. Professional, courteous and seemingly always willing to go above and beyond for his patients I can't recommend MSK highly enough.
  • Jo
    I have been in discomfort for many months with my mid back, I seen Avin at Uppingham School sports centre, it took about 3-4 sessions and my back feels great, the best it's felt in a long time.
  • Debbie
    I would like to thank Avin for getting me back on track with my back !!! He is very kind, caring, helpful and supportive. He has helped my life get back to 'normal'. He has magic hands and I am very grateful for his sessions. I feel totally at ease and know he will get me better. Thanks Avin you are a star
  • Shital
    Went to see Avin at MPK Osteopath after my GP suggested I tried Acupuncture for my sciatica. I called MSK and was offered an appointment the same day. Avin knew exactly what was wrong with me and started treatment on the area in question. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a osteopath within the leicester area. Very professional.
  • Joanna
    As a health professional myself, I'm very careful who I choose to consult for personal treatment. Avin is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and has effectively, manipulated and treated my T-spine on a number of occasions now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone!
  • Tracey
    Excellent therapist, been to see Avin few years ago for lumber problems which he helped to sort out, but recently contacted him for a thoracic problem which he set right for me in a few sessions no problems at all now, so worth investing in a very important piece of kit...your back! would recommend him to anyone pleasant understanding guy who knows his stuff and very accommodating will always try to fit around you.
  • Liam
    I saw Avin at the Thurmaston Clinic, as I was having problems with my hamstring. 2 days after our appointment I went from Agony to relative comfort in walking, something I had been struggling with prior to our appointment. 1 week on our follow up visit, Avin advised after a brief inspection of my hamstring that the appointment was unnecessary as the pain in the effected area was completely gone. I liked that he was really honest and didn't just want do the session to get the money. Highly recommended.
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